Installing from repo:

    sudo sh -c 'cat >/etc/apt/sources.list.d/osso-ppa-osso.list' <<EOF
deb jessie osso
deb-src jessie osso

    sudo apt-get update
    # (yields: public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY BEAD51B6B36530F5..)

    wget -qO- | sudo apt-key add -
    # (yields: OK)
    apt-key export BEAD51B6B36530F5 --no-armor | sha256sum | sed -e 's/\(......\)/\1 /g'
    # 7dfce2 892089 75df32 0d2e0a 98ab29 bb0651 725961 1ac2a7 27f06e 5e3625 0e39   -

    sudo apt-get update

    sudo apt-get install asterisk
    cd `mktemp -d`
    apt-get source asterisk

Using the new aptly:

    aptly repo list [-raw]
    aptly repo create -comment='SIPp' -component=sipp -distribution=precise sipp/precise
    aptly repo add sipp/precise PARTIAL_PATH...
    aptly-repo-add-alldist sipp PARTIAL_PATH...

    aptly snapshot list [-raw]
    VER=3; aptly repo list -raw | while read x; do aptly snapshot create $x-$VER from repo $x || exit 1; done
    aptly-publish-version $VER

    aptly snapshot list -raw | grep -v -- '-'$VER'$' | while read x; do aptly snapshot drop $x || exit 1; done

Missing aptly features:
----------------------- -- changelog support

Setting up new repo:

    cd /srv/reprepro
    mkdir -p debian/conf
    cat >>debian/conf/distributions <<EOF
bla bla bla, see
    cat >debian/conf/options <<EOF
basedir /srv/reprepro/debian

Add changelog support to repo:

    cd /srv/reprepro
    wget '' \
      -O debian/conf/
    chmod 755 debian/conf/
    # edit debian/conf/, and set CHANGELOGDIR= (empty)
    printf "Log:\n --type=dsc\n" >>debian/conf/distributions
    # the script requires `dpkg-source` from `dpkg-dev`

    # re-run for all existing repos
    cd /srv/reprepro/debian
    reprepro rerunnotifiers

Adding to repo:

   cd /srv/reprepro/debian
   #reprepro --component osso includedeb jessie /srv/junk/*.deb
   #for x in /srv/junk/*.dsc; do
   #    reprepro --component osso includedsc jessie $x
   reprepro -C osso include jessie /srv/junk/...changes